Our services are designed to respond to any and all of your needs whether it be a last minute court filing, multiple coordinated hand deliveries or service of original process to an unwilling recipient. See list of services.


Legal Beagle has handled thousands of summons, complaints and subpoena service throughout the country. Whether your service is local to Philadelphia, PA or for a distant locale, the Legal Beagle staff and its network of licensed process servers are available immediately. Service can be successfully performed within two hours of receipt of your documents if need be. Our strict attention to detail and timely communication of affidavits is what you can expect from the Legal Beagle professionals.

Our competitive services and rates are designed to meet your individual needs.

In order to better serve our clients, Legal Beagle has assembled a group of specially trained legal assistants for its court filings. Each member must demonstrate his or her knowledge of how to file, the appropriate department for filings and the closing times for city, state and federal courts before receiving such assignments. This method enables Legal Beagle to ensure filings that are performed quickly and without error.

An additional benefit offered by Legal Beagle is its customer/courier communication the keeps clients abreast of the status of their filing. It’s one more way of providing error-free and timely service.

For rates, please contact one of customer service representatives.

Locating and retrieving the ordered document(s) can be a tricky business for those unfamiliar with the legal system, but it is one more “routine” service offered by Legal Beagle.

Legal Beagle researchers have extensive experience in the area of document retrieval, so clients can rely on their knowing who at the appropriate court to contact, how to order the documents and the process for follow-up. This first-hand knowledge speeds up the work we do for you so you receive your copies from Legal Beagle much more quickly than from a less-experienced service. We also offer copying services which you can bill back directly to your client, saving you this time-consuming, extra step.

For rates, please contact one of customer service representatives.

Defendants, witnesses and other important persons to your cases who have moved or cannot be located will not stay missing once Legal Beagle receives the assignment. Utilizing the databases of proprietary subscription services, Legal Beagle trained specialists will track down those persons you seek.

Persons attempting to remain invisible will find it impossible when Legal Beagle begins its investigative efforts contacting neighbors, relatives and employers. There are few people we cannot or have not found.

Other related services include:

  • Locate Reports
  • Alias Searches
  • Property Searches
  • Surveillance
  • Criminal Background Checks*
  • Credit Reports*
  • Employment Verification*
  • Asset Searches
  • DMV Searches

*Certain reports require strict adherence to government use regulations and may require a signed release for data.

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Legal Beagle handles hundreds of messenger and courier deliveries each day. Our specially trained, and insured couriers are available to rush your time critical documents and packages to their destinations, near or far. Whether you need a foot messenger, a bike messenger, a car messenger, a van messenger, or a truck messenger Legal Beagle will retrieve your items and deliver at the time you designate. Signatures are obtained on all deliveries and complimentary POD’s are available upon request. We also offer early morning post office box retrieval as well as routed deliveries. You can trust “Man’s Best Friend” to get the job done on time, every time.
When your firm cannot chance a highly important or sensitive delivery to a regular carrier, a Legal Beagle trained team member will hand deliver it for you, locally or nationally.

We have an impressive track record for our time-critical hand deliveries. By choosing Legal Beagle for this service, you are choosing peace of mind, reliable and mistake-free service conducted quickly and professionally. Services can be performed on a same day or rush basis.

For rates, please contact one of customer service representatives.

Legal Beagle has a national network of notaries at your disposal. Whether your notary needs are local or in a distant locale, Legal Beagle can provide the necessary service.

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