Legal Beagle has been a trusted partner to the legal community for over twenty five years.  We take our responsibility to our attorney clients and the judicial system very seriously.



Our services are designed to respond to any and all of your needs whether it be a last minute court filing, multiple coordinated hand deliveries or service of original process to an unwilling recipient. See list of services.



Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA Legal Beagle is part of a network of experienced process servers located in any city throughout the U.S.



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column2-image1Immediate Service of Original Process or Subpoena

Tight, unexpected, and fluctuating deadlines that require a quick turnaround are a routine part of process serving. At Legal Beagle Subpoena and Courier Services, we have the experience and manpower to satisfy expedited client requests. Unlike many process serving companies, our office staff and our process servers can be reached quickly and are available to perform assignments with efficiency and speed. We pick up or receive the documents by email, fax, or courier and notify the client immediately upon service of process.

column2-image1Court Filing on a Rush Basis if needed

Legal Beagle Subpoena and Courier Services employs paralegals and researchers who are experienced with the lower and federal courts in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. We are part of a national alliance and work with associates throughout the country who are similarly experienced. We file time-sensitive documents with local, state, and federal court systems and agencies.

column3-image1Affidavit Preparation

Correctly preparing affidavits requires attention to detail, experience, and a thorough understanding of the laws governing service of process and the subsequent filing of affidavits in each jurisdiction. Legal Beagle Subpoena and Courier Services’ full-time staff of administrative professionals ensures affidavits are prepared in accordance with the law and filed in a timely manner.

column2-image1Service on Government Agencies

The process servers at Legal Beagle Subpoena and Courier Services have experience navigating the bureaucracy of government agencies. After over twenty five years, we have lists of contacts and phone numbers that can help facilitate service of process. Additionally, we have developed relationships within many agencies so that questions regarding service of process can be dependably answered.

column3-image1Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a more in-depth, complex form of locating an individual who cannot be easily found or does not want to be found. We employ proprietary databases in combination with various other methods, including sending investigators into the field to locate individuals. We provide comprehensive reports which include addresses, phone numbers, places of employment, and other information requested by our client.

column2-image1Asset Services

Legal Beagle Subpoena and Courier Services conducts asset searches to uncover a comprehensive list of real estate, personal property, vehicles, bank accounts, business ownership, and other assets that belong to individuals or corporations. Asset searches are conducted within the guidelines of the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

column3-image1Background Searches

Legal Beagle Subpoena and Courier Services conducts background searches on witnesses, defendants, and other parties to develop important information that could prove significant to a case. The reports we deliver are accurate, detailed, and thorough.

column3-image1Mobile Notary Service

Legal Beagle has a national network of notaries at your disposal. Whether your notary needs are local or in a distant locale, Legal Beagle can provide the necessary service.

“We have been using Legal Beagle for the past seven years and have experienced prompt and excellent service.”
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